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Sunstate Auto Repair has done multiple jobs on my vehicle. The biggest job they did was rebuild my transmission. It went well, but there were a couple of rough patches only based on my vehicle having other issues with it that were effecting the transmission.

What I was very thankful for was that Henry and his team were able to actually rebuild the transmission two times and each time they were able to replace what was needed or had gone bad and find other areas that were causing the transmission to be badly effected. Their work had a one year warranty, so every time a new job was being done, I didn't have to pay for it. Henry did his best to figure out what A plus B plus C was and determine from that what all the issues with the vehicle were instead of just addressing this one problem.

Henry's honest. I believe he's truly an honest man as well as an honest business man. Also, I really appreciated the fact that he is willing to work with you in determining what's most important in the steps towards getting things fixed. What was fixed was what needed to be fixed rather than what potentially needed to be fixed. He did what was necessary and informed me what would be needed later.

Great service, low prices

The guy's honest. Everything Sunstate Auto Repair LLC did was done properly. They detected an oil leak and changed the alternator on my vehicle. Everywhere I would go was saying the oil leak was coming from the main seal, which is a $1,200 repair. Really, I just needed to replace the revolve cover gasket, which is a $90 repair. I saved around $1000. I mainly dealt with Henry, who I believe is the shop owner. His customer service is excellent. I had been in there a while back. The guy's honest; he doesn't overcharge people.


I usually try to do repairs myself, but when it comes to electrical problems, I am way out of my comfort zone. I called the owner (Henry) on a Saturday to try to arrange an appointment for the following week, but he said to just bring in the car and he'd have a look at it. The starter would turnover intermittently, so I knew that it could be anything from a very simple to a very expensive repair - he had me over a barrel and he knew it. I left the car expecting a call back later in the afternoon with news of parts to be ordered and authorization needed for expensive repairs. Not so. Within an hour, Henry called and said that the work was done and refused to take any money for the small part that was the culprit or the time taken to diagnose and repair. So, my end of the bargain is to spread the word that Henry runs an honest, very efficient, customer-oriented business. Not too many of those around anymore, are there?

Fantastic Service and Pricing! by

I took my Isuzu Rodeo to Sunstate Auto Repair after reading several reviews online. My car was having electrical problems---dash lights and tail lights kept going out, and fuses kept blowing when replaced. Henry at Sunstate is everything the reviews said he was....honest, fair, fast, and friendly. He diagnosed and fixed the short quickly, and even did it for less money than he initially quoted! I will bring both of my cars to him from now on, and cannot recommend him highly enough. He does a great job, and is very honest. Awesome!

Best mechanic in town! by

From the first day I brought my car here over a year ago, I've been amazed at the quick, fair-priced service that I've always received. Henry is so nice and personable, on top of being very skilled and knowledgeable. He takes the time to explain things to me about cars (of which I know very little about) and has even corrected mistakes from previous mechanics. I've never had a repair need to be redone, and as a college student I'm thrilled to have a mechanic that's honest and won't rip me off with ridiculous fees. I honestly would send my own grandmother here, he's just that trustworthy to me.

Thanks for a quick & effective repair on our son's car! by

My son is up North in college and with a part time job, in the Orlando area. He is using our very old family car, and the alternator recently gave up on him. We were fortunate to find and send the car to Henry at Sunstate, who quoted fairly upfront, and completed the repair promptly and effectively. Thanks Sunstate!

Motor Replacement by

I took my 2001 Ford Expedition to Sunstate Auto Repair to replace the motor with a Remanuf Engine. Henry gave an estimate for the service. I ordered the engine and had it delivered to Sunstate. The service was prompt, courteous, and did not exceed the estimate.

These guys are great. They have the customer's need in mind. I observed they were willing to go the extra mile. It is refreshing to find an auto mechanic that is reasonable in price, does the work in a timely manner, and does the work in a professional manner.

I highly recommend Sunstate for your vehicle's mechanical needs.